Black urad dal in addition to pepper Uday (A perfect winter lunch)


This kind of can be a healthy Uday (dosa) recipe made through lentils, pepper in addition to cumin seeds. Black split urad dal can be very not bad for health when he was with black skin. the idea gives a not bad aroma in addition to texture to the crispy dosa. Pepper, cumin seeds add not bad taste in addition to flavor of This kind of Uday. in addition to lunch can be ideal for winter ...

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components to make Split black urad dal in addition to pepper Uday:

parboiled rice 2 cups

raw rice 1 cup

Split black urad dal 1 cup

Shana D. 1/2 cup

bull signifier 1/4 cup

red pepper 2

pepper 2 tablespoons tuberculosis

cumin seeds 1 TB spoon

curry leaves

way to make split urad dal in addition to black pepper Uday:

soak rice in addition to Dulles together for 3 hours. After 3 hours washed. Do not worry if the idea can be to keep the skin through black D. urad. Grind them with red pepper in addition to salt to the mixture coarse.

pepper powder in addition to cumin seeds in addition to add to the mixture. Add chopped curry leaves. No need for any fermentation. however if submitted after 3 hours of grinding, the idea enhances the taste.

rolled up the heat in addition to make adais like dosa. Make a hole between the dosa in addition to add a teaspoon of gingelly oil inside midst of additional spoon on the dosa. After getting cooked, cook the additional side, such as the usual dosa.

Uday taste with chutney, sambar or morekuzhambu.

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