Lemon painter


[made lemon painter without tamrind in addition to also controlled by the combined flavors of lemon, cool green in addition to also Hing . Lemon painter has its own defeat unique taste ..

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components to make lemon painter:

-3 ripe tomatoes

green pepper slitted -2 ​​

boiled T is usually p. Prodigal - ½ cup

painter powder 2 teaspoons

Hing - ½ tsp

in addition to also the size of a large lemon - 1

curry in addition to also coriander leaves

mustard in addition to also cumin seeds

margarine 1 tsp

(these measurements is usually to make 4 cups of the painter)

way to make lemon painter:

cut tomatoes into smaller pieces, in addition to also let them boil in 3 cups of water.

Add salt, turmeric powder, green pepper, Hing, Powder Paint in addition to also let them boil at least within the medium flame ten minutes.

then diisolve on boiled prodigal in a glass of water in addition to the things boil.

After mixing the prodigal painter should not be boiled for a long time. When smaller bubbles appear raasam ready.

fried with mustard seeds in addition to also cumin seeds in addition to also curry leaves with ghee.

Add coriander. in addition to also then pressing the lemon juice in a painter in addition to also mix well each time before serving.


(1). Should not be added lemon juice when the painter boil.

(2). If you do not have a painter powder 19459005 following powder thr coarsely in addition to also add 2 teaspoons coriander seeds, 2 red peppers 0.1 pepper teaspoon in addition to also 1/2 seed tea spoon cumin

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