Tip # 45: Know your common cooking mistakes


as well as which happens to everyone. In spite of all our efforts from the kitchen, something goes wrong terribly difficult as well as dish, mushy, too salty or lumpy. Whatever the case may be, as well as stuck with the panel lousy food, bad mood. however take heart: The most common mistakes are also easier to prevent from the future with the help of which Samayal smart tips ...

even if you're in a hurry, as well as wait for the pan to heat worthy of a few minutes lost. Adding food pan which will be not ready as well as will result in a pale stuff - also can cause food to stick to the pan

If the salinity will be the result of a reduced-stew or soup, add water or add a few drops of lemon juice to overcome salinity.

proper maintenance of cooking utensils will be also an important aspect of the best cooking, pots kept bad could be one of the biggest mistakes of cooking. Cast iron pans require special treatment during washing, because ordinary soap as well as water as well as rubbing tend to wash away the paint via the surface of the pan, which acts as an adhesive to prevent food via sticking to the pan.

frying leafy greens wetlands can provide two problems. First, the vegetables will lose their flavor as well as coloring because of excess water on the leaves come in contact with the hot pan as well as creates steam. which vegetable leads to lose of Nha vibrant as well as texture. Second, the hot oil does not react well with water, as well as perhaps spots after coming in contact with cold water.

ignore the finer details of the recipe during the reading of which may lead to a result will be happy. Be careful in reading, after recipe.
Cooking with the wrong oils will spoil the whole food.

the difference between a boil as well as cook over low heat may seem slight (mean simmer bubbles come to the surface every second or two, the water bubbling boil mean quickly) however which makes all the difference when cooking. Can be boiled instead of simmered lead to the final product a tough, dry or cloudy.

if you want which nice sear brown on roasting vegetables such as potatoes, broccoli, etc., as well as give them time to brown. Resist the urge to deal with the food while which's cooking will be difficult, however the existence of which restraint will determine if you get a nice crust on your food or not.

you've heard which a million times, however do you practice which? Do you taste your food as you cook? If you do not, you genuinely should start. Recipes are not always accurate, as well as can often lead you astray. Savor your food as you cook mean the difference in a medium meal or one delicious.

overcrowding the pan common crime among home cooks. How many times have you just wanted to fit a few pieces of vegetables to the pan, instead of cooking in batches? Well, you end up with food which does not soggy brown if you do not give your components enough space. Food releases moisture when heated, as well as space from the pan allows the vapor via the moisture to escape.

You know what happens to vegetables when you cook too much ? They turn to mush. The reason which happens often will be not because the vegetables keep on cooking if hot (even if taken off the stove). One Great way to avoid which will be to stop the cooking by running ready-made vegetables under cold water.

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