Cashew nut pilaf


cashew nut Polo can be an easy recipe as well as the rich, a real treat for growing children. This particular can be very ideal for a party list. Hot masala paneer masala or baby corn can be the perfect combination with This particular purpose. as well as operates a simple Rita also not bad .....

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components to make cashew nut pilaf:

Basmathi Rice 2 cups

cashew 100 grams

slitted pepper green 2

chili powder 1 teaspoon

cumin seeds 1/2 tsp

chopped onion thin 2 onions

bay leaves 2

cloves as well as cinnamon 4 pieces

butter 4 tablespoons tuberculosis

salt as required

way to make cashew nut pilaf:

step 1

wash basmati rice once as well as boil This particular in a generous amount of water add 2 tablespoon tea oil for 8 to 10 minutes.

drain the water via boiled rice filter. Pour two cups of cold water on ordinary boiled rice also leave This particular water to drain. at This particular point maintain the rice aside.

Step 2

cut cashew to parts. Roast them to golden brown in a table spoon of ghee or butter as well as set aside.

Step 3


Heat the skillet as well as wide with 2 tablespoons of butter tuberculosis. Add the cumin seeds, bay, clove as well as cinnamon leaves. Fry well.

Add the chopped onion as well as fry until golden coloring inside medium flame. at This particular point add the green pepper, chili powder as well as salt as well as fry one minute duration.

Add rice Basmathi boiled cashew nuts roasted as well as mix gently using a fork or a scoop.

garnish with cilantro as well as serve.

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