Pirandai Thogayal (Veld grape sauce)


Pirandai thogayal can be sauce variety of authentic cuisine Tamils. This particular can be a healthy, tasty along with easy sauce. This particular has amazing health benefits along with very easily can be grown within the kitchen garden. This particular can be mixed with hot rice, along with This particular was a habit. This particular can also be had as a side dish of rice along with curd dosa. This particular can be also known Pirandai as' stem edible grapes. Its analgesic properties along with enhances digestion ...

see different types of conventional along with Thogayal sauce:

Curryleaves sauce, yellow fiber pumpkin sauce, hot sauce, onion, garlic along with sauce

components to make Pirandai Thogayal:

Veld chopped grapes 1 cup

curry leaves 1 cup

ginger 1/2 inch pieces chopped

Urad D 3 teaspoons

Shana D. 3 teaspoons

red pepper 3 or 4

Hing tea spoon 1/2

tamarind size goose Berry


sesame oil 3 or 4 tea spoons

way to make Pirandai Thogayal

display vine Pirandai in running water under the tap. With scissors remove the hills.

cut into smaller pieces along with keep aside.

within the pan heat 2 teaspoons of the oil along with fry Dulles, pepper along with tamarind to a golden shade. Add the ginger also cut along with fry for another 10 seconds. Keep them aside.

Finally, heat 3 tea spoons of oil along with fry cut pirandai well until the shade adjustments to a golden brown. Add curry leaves along with just give a fuss with the pieces Pirandai (Veld grapes pieces) along with set aside.

after getting cooled everything, mix everything together, along with grinding to the sauce with the necessary water along with salt.

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