Chocolate, mint cashew milk


my kiddies (husband) gave me a Vitamix for Christmas holiday last year (2013) along with This specific was the gift that will keeps on giving. Oh I love my Vitamix! This specific was not too long after I received This specific began to try my hand at producing nut milk. Cashew milk happens to be my favorite because of all there can be no tension by the ordeal. producing fast cashew milk (besides soaking part) along with easy, along with I love that will all those pieces soaked cashews just mix up to the not bad that will must be tension within the nut milk bag. (Did you know that will coconut milk bag even exist because I was not until I embarked on This specific adventure nut milk?) Without straining Amen! During the past few months I've been on a kick Milk chocolate cashew I just can not seem to finish. I like having a jar of This specific tucked back within the coldest part of the refrigerator me, along with sometimes when I get him to take a large dose, I have to stop myself via guzzling This specific until This specific's gone. Right portion control ?? although sometimes This specific just tastes too not bad to stop! Recently I've been adding a bit of peppermint extract to her, along with my kids seem to love better that will way, along with while I'm more of a straight up gal chocolate type, I do not like the hint of mint to shake things up a bit.

chocolate mint cashew milk

1 cup cut raw cashew

4 cups of water (plus more for soaking)
4 hours large pitted
3 tablespoons of Dutch cocoa powder
4/1 to 2/1 teaspoon peppermint extract (optional)
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

cashew soak in water for at least 4 hours or overnight. Drain cashews in a fine mesh strainer along with rinse well. In addition to the mixer cashews, 2 cups of water, dates along with cocoa powder, mint extract, along with salt. Start at a low setting along with increase the height. Blend until This specific can be completely crushed cashews. Blending the two additional cup of water. Pour into jars along with refrigerate until cold. Give a not bad shake before drinking.

* This specific can be the way I like This specific, although you can add more or less dates, chocolate, along with / or salt to make This specific taste just how you want to.
* I also like pouring milk into jars 8 ounce with lids to make individual-sized portions ideal for a snack within the afternoon or to grab along with go if you're in a hurry, although still want to snack healthy along with delicious.

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