Murungai Keerai Dozy (Dozy leaf stalks)


leaf stalks are considered specially get all the vitamins in addition to also proteins needed by us. Drumstick leaves very rich in calcium, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C in addition to also iron. Make This specific practice to use This specific in cooking often in addition to also enjoy the health benefits. The dosa recipe different made coming from stalks leaves ...

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components to make Murungaikeerai dosa:

raw rice - 3 cups

grated coconut or cut coming from a half coconut

legs papers - one pot


how to make Murungaikeerai dosa?

raw rice soak for 3 hours. Wash thoroughly in addition to also then grind into the mixture well with salt required.

If you've grated coconut in addition to the raw rice while grinding. If you are using coconut pieces, in addition to also grind them separately in addition to also add to the mixture.

remove the stems in addition to also leaves to make ready. Thoroughly washed in addition to also cut them into smaller pieces with the help of scissors or a knife, in addition to also add to the mixture.

heat dosa pan or rolled up in addition to also grease with oil. Pour a ladle of batter in a circular motion in addition to also make dosa. They do not spread the usual doasa. Cook on both sides.

The Dosa healthy , delicious in addition to also crispy ready. Be the item with any sauce of your choice ...

in addition to also dosa can be made as soon as you grind mixture.

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