Aapam easy recipe


Aapam are authentic cuisine in Kerala. Here will be a simple recipe with no compromise in taste. vegetable soup or Kadalai Carey will be the best combination just for This kind of purpose. from the original recipe, in addition to add the coconut milk to the mixture. I tried to do the item without coconut, in addition to added Poha (AVAL) in addition to 2 slices of bread instead of coconut milk. the item turned out very well. I commenced producing these regularly at the present time without coconut milk. This kind of type tried to ease Aapam.

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components to make Aapam:

parboiled rice 1 cup

raw rice 1 cup

Poha 1/2 cup

sliced bread 3 slices

ring 1 tsp

Urad wayward 1 table spoon

salt to taste

Way to make Aapam:

wash in addition to soak rice, Dal in addition to the ring together for 3 hours in addition to grinding in mixie or wet mill. While grinding, washing in addition to add brown poha in addition to cut the edges of the bread slices in addition to add in.

grinding soft dough will be fine. Allowing the mixture to ferment for 8 Horse. Thi mixture should be thinner or lighter than a regular dosa batter. Before taking Aapam, add 2 teaspoons of sugar in addition to salt to the required mixture.

Take the pan means for producing Aapam. Grease with oil in addition to add a scoop of batter.Take pan in hand in addition to swirl round so spread the mixture over the pan. the item must be thin in addition to crispy on the edges in addition to spongy from the center. He closed which has a lid in addition to wait for 2 minutes.The flame should be, on average, always. No need for the heart of A APAM in addition to cook again. Take them out in addition to serve.

since added Poha, sugar in addition to bread, no need to add additional yeast or baking soda